Mixed Gaz Closed Bell course (saturation)

Obtain the French "Classe III Mention A" professional diver certificate (mixed gas closed bell diving) with qualification to work as diver beyond 50m. IMCA training.

Safety training for workers exposed to hyperbaric hazards with immersion beyond 50m and saturation for works
At the end of the training the trainee will be able to prepare, organize, evaluate and prevent the safety of hyperbaric works.

  • Academic / Administrative Procedures
  • Routine Diving operations
  • Emergency procedures
  • Equipment
  • Chamber operations
  • Assistant Life Support Technician – Training

Tests of theoretical knowledge during entire the course – Safety exercise – Competence assessments. Final examination.


  • Hold Class II Mention A French or Australian Part 3 or Unrestricted Surface Supplied or Canadian Diver, or CDC Netherlands 3, neck Norwegian diver or surface DPD South African Class II or Part 1 or UK HSE Surface Supplied Diving UK HSE top-up, or Commercial Surface Supply certificate of Kochi (run September 2002 to 12 January 2013)
  • One year of work experience with 100 hours of work (including 100 dives deeper 6msw, offshore or onshore or both and 20 dives deeper 15msw. AFTER THE OBTAINING OF ONE OF THOSE DIVING CERTIFICATES
  • hold a valid diving medical fitness(less than 1 year) for Saturation diving
  • Hold a First Aid or DMT or a certificate of a course related with survival at sea
  • Speak, write and understand the course language ( English )

Autres Formations possibles

Formation Scaphandrier Classe II Mention A .Titre Professionnel .Diplôme IMCA

Training coursesHyperbaric interventions

Durée 15 semaines

Prix à partir de 15 000 €

Hébergement Sous condition

Plonger en sécurité et effectuer des travaux sous-marins

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Diver Medic Technician (DMT)

Hyperbaric interventionsSurface assistant to interventionSurvival, rescue and safetyTraining courses

Durée 10 days

Prix 1750€

Hébergement Offered

Diver Medic Certificate (DMT) with qualification to work offshore (and inland/inshore according local
regulations). Reference IMCA Standards

En savoir plus

Diver Medic Technician Refresher (DMT Refresher) Course

Surface assistant to interventionSurvival, rescue and safetyTraining courses

Durée 5 days

Prix 985€

Hébergement Offered

Training course leading to refresh certificat of the Diver Medic Certificate (DMT) following IMCA Standards.

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