Non Destructive Test (NDT) Lloyd's Register Inspector including examination

N.D.T Diving Inspector

Theory :

  • Metallurgy – Welding – Corrosion – Fatigue,
  • Cathodic projection,
  • Photography – T.V.,
  • Ultra sonic.
  • MPI


  • Underwater photo/T.V.,
  • Underwater metrology,
  • Preparing and carrying out an inspection,
  • Inspection – Instruction – Execute,
  • underwater ultra sonic equipment.
  • M.P.I
  • Marine growth
  • Hold a French “Classe II Mention A” certificate or equivalent recognised by IMCA
  • Professional experience in testing either hyperbaric or hyperbary as a diver 60 hours Diver Log Book,
  • hold a valid diving medical fitness (less than 1 year), valid during all the training

Mixed Gaz Closed Bell course (saturation)

Hyperbaric interventionsTraining courses

Durée 4 or 5 weeks

Prix 17000€

Hébergement Offered

Obtain the French "Classe III Mention A" professional diver certificate (mixed gas closed bell diving) with qualification to work as diver beyond 50m. IMCA training.

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Diver Medic Technician (DMT)

Hyperbaric interventionsSurface assistant to interventionSurvival, rescue and safetyTraining courses

Durée 10 days

Prix 1750€

Hébergement Offered

Diver Medic Certificate (DMT) with qualification to work offshore (and inland/inshore according local
regulations). Reference IMCA Standards

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Formation Scaphandrier Classe II Mention A .Titre Professionnel .Diplôme IMCA

Training coursesHyperbaric interventions

Durée 22 semaines

Prix à partir de 20 000 €

Hébergement Sous condition

Plonger en sécurité et effectuer des travaux sous-marins

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